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Product Details
635-670nm Acne Treatment Softlaser
6mw 635-670 nm Acne Treatment Soft Laser  INS-D033 For Skin Care
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Product Details

635-670nm Acne Treatment Softlaser 


Laser radiation is the source of energy for cell, it can provide the energy to stimulate more ATP, and then enhance regenerative capacity of cell.

Laser treatment can provide the biological energy for the cells.(beauty equipment).It can be used for anti-inflammatory,accelerating healing,smallpox seal lighter, acne removal and etc.


1.Laser radiation is generated by stimulated amplification of light, i.e., light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Characteristics are excellent in color, small divergence; brightness (power) can reach very high.

2.Acne is generated by many reasons, at present; they are two methods for Acne treatment. One is Laser treatment; another is Blue and Red light treatment. 
Both methods are very good for Acne treatment, so people choose any one method.

3.The difference of Laser treatment and Blue Red light treatment is working principle: Laser treatment is use specific wavelength high-intensity laser irradiation, which can quickly destroy the bacteria, restrain bacterial growth, prevent Acne damage tissue, make blood vessel shrinking quickly, and fade swelling and inflammation, make skin smooth quickly; Red and blue Acne treatment is use specific wavelength, kill a variety of bacteria, so make newborn small acne retreat quickly, in addition, red and blue light can effectively stimulate skin collagen regeneration, smooth skin and reduce acne trace or marking.


Unit class: Low-level laser class 3 A
Laser: GaALAs (Gallium-Aluminium-Arsenide) diode, continuous beam
Power output: max. 6mW
Laser wavelength: 635-670nm
Power supply: 2×1.5 Valkaline batteries (“micro”: AAA/IEC Type LR 03)
Rated voltage: 3V DC
Operating mode: Continuous operation
Class of protection: internal supply
Explanation of symbols: Read Instructions for Use!


• Herpes/inflammation of mucosa
• Inflammation of skin(cornersof the mouth,cracked lip,chafingskin)

• Acne,small scar,wrinkle


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Product Details
Mini Acne Softlaser For Home Use
Skin treatment Acne softlaser

Handheld Health face care 6mw 635-670 nm Acne Treatment  Soft Laser for Skin Whitening Acne treatment Device  INS-D033

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