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Product Details
Advanced Acne Clearing Device
Three Acne Removal Technologies: Infrared laser 830 nm, Blue light 415 nm, E-pulse,  8 seconds Renew to natural skin 
  • Brand :INLINS
  • ItemNO :INS-A5
  • Payment :FOB
  • Product Origin :CHINA
  • Color :Golden silver purple
  • Shipping Port :Shenzhen
  • Lead Time :25 days
  • Order(MOQ) :500
Product Details

Advanced Acne Clearing Device

Renew to natural skin in 8 seconds

Acne clearing device

Three Acne Removal Technologies:

1. Infrared laser 830 nm

    Deep into skin  1~4mm, Eliminate bacterias in deeper effectively .

2. Blue light 415 nm

    Blue light 415 nm works on bacterial cell membranes, making the surface of enzyme inactive, preventing its             metabolism, thereby achieve to physically kill bacterias. Specific sterilization, which won't damage facial cells.

3. E-pulse

    Dissolve aged horniness and excess oils, clean clogged pores, promote cells to renew, acne removal effectively.

Acne clearing device

acne laser

acne laser

laser acne

acne treatment


Product Name: Advanced Acne Clearing Device

Model: INS-A5

Color: Golden, silver,  purple

Laser safety grade: 1 M grade

Wave lenght: 415 nm, 830 nm

Size: 30mm x 30 mm x 167 mm

Weight: 109.5 g

Case material: aviation aluminium materials

Charging Methods: Micro USB, non-polarized charging base

Charging time: 100 mins

Use times of full charging: 300 times

Voltage:100-240 v  50~60 Hz

Battery capacity:800 mA

Core techonologies: infrared laser, bluel ight, e-pulse

acne treatment

Acne clearing device

removal acne

acne clearing device

laser clearing acne

infrared laser acne treatment

acne treatment


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