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Best Household Formaldehyde Monitor


Household formaldehyde monitor is a formaldehyde detection instrument, offering a simple way to monitor levels of arborne formaldehyde in the environment. INS-JQ-01 is a new indoor formaldehyde concentration detection equipment. It has broken the technical bottleneck of traditional formaldehyde detector that uses cumbersome, costly and can only be detected once. INS-JQ-01 employs a well-proven electrochemical sensors and precision operational amplifier chip. Real-time continuous concentration of formaldehyde in the air signal is directly converted into electrical signals by the microcomputer for data processing, with its LCD digital display measurement results.

Formaldehyde detector on the market as well as related formaldehyde testing services applied only in the professional indoor formaldehyde detection of the company's various services. INS-JQ-01 appears to fill a gap in the market for household formaldehyde detection, while in the care of life, concerned about the health of a new era, leading the consumption concept of eco-fashion and trend. 

INS-JQ-01 not only can monitor formaldehy, but also detect temperature as well as relative humidity.This formaldehyde meter is ideal for indoor, office or car use.

formaldehyde meter

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