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Do You Think Snore Means Sleeping Well?
2016-03-21 11:23:20|Admin

Sleep is one of the basic human essential life activities. If 8 hours of sleep a day to calculate a person's life, there are about 1/3 of the time spent in sleep, such as eating, drinking the same. Adequate sleep, balanced diet and adequate exercise, there are three health standardsrecognized by the international community.

Many people think that snore means sleeping well and being in good health. This is a misunderstanding. But not including the situations that people are tired, satiety and after drinking, which may occur snoring. So what kind of snoring should see a doctor, except for sleep apnea syndrome?

sleep nurse

If you're snoring and have the following circumstances at the same time, you and your family should should pay attention seriously.

Obesity: weight exceeds the standard weight of 20% or more. (Standard weight estimation method: height -105 = standard weight in kilograms)

Age: adult prevalence increases with age, the prevalence increases in women after menopause, after 70 years the prevalence has stabilized.

Gender: male prevalence was significantly more than women.

Upper respiratory tract anatomical abnormalities include: nasal congestion (such as deviated septum, turbinate hypertrophy, nasal polyps, nasal tumors, etc.), degrees tonsils, soft palate laxity, uvula too long, too thick, narrow pharynx, pharynx tumors, pharyngeal mucosal hypertrophy, hypertrophy of the tongue, the tongue after the fall, mandibular retrusion, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and small jaw malformations.

Have a family history.

Long-term heavy drinking and (or) taking sedative hypnotics.

Long-term heavy smokers.

Other related diseases include: hypothyroidism, acromegaly, pituitary dysfunction, amyloidosis, vocal cord paralysis, polio sequelae or other neuromuscular disorders (such as Parkinson's disease), and other long-term gastroesophageal reflux.

As the above-described snorers should consider the following symptoms, "sleep apnea syndrome" (referred to as SAS).

If snoring and irregular breathing at night, sleep disorder, recurrent apnea and arousal, consciously or suffocation, nocturia, morning headaches, daytime sleepiness significantly, memory decline; and may be combined with hypertension, coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, progressive weight gain, there may be serious psychological, mental and behavioral abnormalities.

Such as the cases of the above, they should go to see a doctor to do the relevant check, in addition to the general routine examination, conditions should be done "polysomnography monitor checks" through regular monitoring of sleep, then you can make a diagnosis. Different patients should depend on the circumstances and causes to develop appropriate treatment programs.

Sleep Nurse features a specially designed biosensor with logiccontrol IC from USA. When Sleep Nurse detects snoring, gentle electrical pulse will be sent automatically to stimulate nerves on the snorer's skin. Then the brain senses the nerve stimulation,and remind or train the snorer him/herself to change  the sleeping posture, thereby reducing snoring.

Except for good effect in stopping snoring, Sleep Nurse is also helpful for sleeping aid for insomia.

According to Meridian-collateral Theory of TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine), there are 3 specific acupuncture points that enclose a sleeping "Golden Triangle" on the wrist. Massaging sleeping “Golden Triangle” can be able to relax pressue and effectively treat insomnia.

When sleep nurse is worn on the wrist, small electrical pulse is emitted, massaging and stimulating these acupuncture points. In turn, melatonin will be released due to the improvement of blood circulation. Thus, stress is relieved and making you sleep better.

Sleep Nurse is a smart personal sleep manager device, a combination of stop snoring & help sleep effectively. Safe, easy and comfortable to use. Many users feedback Sleep Nurse help them reduce snoring effect, improving sleep a lot, making them have a better life. They strongly recommend the use of Sleep Nurse. Know more Sleep Nurse feature, welcome to feel free to visit inlins. Thanks for reading.


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