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Home Use Formaldehyde Detector
2015-12-01 18:51:44|Admin

UT338B is a brand new Home Use Formaldehyde Detector that utilizes newly imported electrochemistry sensor technology. I am very paranoid when it comes to germs. Bleach, household cleaning products that contains bleach, household cleaning products with fumes were something I would always clean my condo with. I felt the stronger the chemicals in the household cleaning product the germs would be killed that take over my bathroom, kitchens, and living areas.

 Household Formaldehyde Monitor

Even though I wanted the germs out of my condo, I hated the strong fumes that would take over my home and cause me headaches. I bought masks to wear to clean my bathroom because the bleach would burn my lungs. I wanted to protect myself from household cleaning products with strong fumes. My body was warning me.

Then I started thinking other thoughts. What happens if I missed rinsing off the household cleaning products from my kitchen counter? Or what about missing a spot on my bath tub? When I take a bath, wouldn't I be soaking in these chemicals? When I place my fruit on my kitchen counter, isn't possible that my food would have traces of these chemicals on it. When I clean, my cats are being exposed to these same chemicals, I am always screaming "no" when I start to spray something down because they are following right behind me, wondering what I am doing. I dread them getting any household cleaning product on their paws and licking the residue off. I had thoughts about the future, when I have children, do I really want to clean a high chair with a product that contains some household cleaning products that contains harmful chemicals?

I did an experiment on Saturday. I cleaned my whole condo with Household Formaldehyde Monitor that I purchased through a great company. The result has changed my life. These products contained no toxic chemicals, no caustic chemicals, no bleaches, no ammonia, no aerosols, no formaldehyde, and no phosphates. I used an all-natural disinfectant to clean my kitchen and bathroom. I used the cleaning agent used for harder to clean items and soaked my stove burners that contained grease and grime on them and the dirt came off without any heavy scrubbing. I used this same cleaning agent to remove old spilled red pop from my light brown carpet, the pop came out with no problem. I cleaned my kitchen counter with their kitchen spray, wiping off all the food particles with excellent results including old peanut butter. I cleaned my bathroom tile with their cleaning spray that gets rid of the soap scum; it even coated my tile to prevent future build up. I polished my wood furniture with their natural polish, the result was amazing.

The best part of my cleaning experience was I enjoyed it. No headache. No breathing issues. And my condo was clean and smelled great. It satisfied my anxiety of not having a healthy cleaning experience. I felt safe and my pets were safe as well. If you know something is not good for you, why not find an alternative. Your health and your family's health is one of the best things you have. Don't allow household cleaning products destroy it.

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