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How to Do Facial Massager at Home
2015-11-20 14:32:22|Admin

Vibrating Face Massager is a form of massage technique that is similar with Champissage although it focuses mainly on the face of the patient. This technique uses effleurage, vibration and other gentle massage strokes used on Swedish massage therapies.

 ion face massager

This therapy can be done by anyone who wants to conduct a facial massager therapy on their partners or family members at home. All you need to do is to get basic information through the internet or from books regarding simple massage strokes on the face.

When performing an ion face massager at home, you need to look for a quiet place or room where there are no interferences during the therapy. The room should be away from noises and distractions and should offer a peaceful environment for both you and your partner. Pick a firm chair or a spot on the floor where you can place the floor massage mat. Some practitioners spice up the therapy by using scented candles and soft music on the background to elevate the level of relaxation around the room. This in return makes your partner feel more relaxed and comfortable as you conduct the massage techniques on his or her face.

Indian face massage doesn't require any medium such as oil or lotion during the face lifting massage therapy. Instead of applying massage oil you can use let your partner wash his or her face using warm water to loosen up the muscle tissues as well as the skin on the face to allow better manipulation and to receive the best result out of the therapy. Begin by massaging on the upper part of the face going down to the chin and around the side of the face. Gently position your hands together on the top of the forehead and begin by gliding to the temple of the head. Each hand should be using their heels and fingers during this process to stimulate the tissues and nerves all around that area. Repeat this technique for at least three to four repetitions before going to the next area. Massage the cheek bone in a circular stroke to relax and loosen tight muscles in that part of the face. Maneuver your fingers in an upward sliding motion as you work on the cheek area. This massage technique helps in lifting up the face to retain its younger appearance. As you do this massage stroke, the tissues on your partner's face are stretched and in return begin to regain their natural elasticity. Keep on doing this for five minutes before the next area. Massage and let your fingers meet at the chin of the patient. Rub this part from bottom going upward to raise any sagging skin on the face. Massage on the side of the face by doing outward and upward sliding motion.

You can either shorten or lengthen the duration of the face massage therapy depending on your preference or your partner's request. Indian face massage usually last 60 minutes when received from a public massage center.

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