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What Is The Best Snoring Solution?
2016-04-11 10:44:43|Admin
Snoring is common in obese patients and the elderly. There os mp ventilatioin by nasal congestion or nasal stufiness, which can aggravate snoring. Specific anatomical such as hypertrophic tonsil and the soft palate (including theuvula) also will aggravate snoring.

A small number of severe cases need surgery. But usually, for most patients, snoring is caused by a bad sleep habits. As time passes, this habit will cause snoring heavier with age.


The most direct embodiment of snoring is directly reflects affect their health, by severe snoring can cause couples to separate bedrooms and influence their feelings.


[Snoring solutions]

1. Surgical treatment

2. Drug treatment

3. Biofeedback Training


Surgery is mainly for patients with severe snoring, which drugs and biofeedback training can’t help to treat effectly for them. If no need surgery, usually drugs can relieve the case of snoring, biofeedback training is the best snoring solutions. Because biofeedback training method is physiological training to stop snoring without any side effects. And the effect of stoping snoring is obvious,  effective at first night.


[What is the biofeedback training to stop snoring ?]


Once detected snoring, snore stopper will send small electronic pulse to alert the user. The uvula of the user will immediately reflex contraction, so airway will be smooth right now. At this time, most user will change posture and continue to sleep. When snoring sounded again, snore stopper will work effectively as the same way. Snoring will gradually reduce with such long-term biofeedback training.


If you want to stop snoring, identify snoring correctly is very importance!

[Sleep Nurse INS-SM01] is with intelligent snoring recognition technology. The accuracy is 99%!

 Sleep Nurse INS-SM01

As we all know, if the instrument can really identify the user's snoring, which means it can stop snoring effectively. There are many similar products currently on the market. But 90 % of them just is a sonic receiver only. That means as long as there is sound around the user (for example: voice, door slamming, music, barking dogs...), the instrument received these sounds immediately and send pulse to alert the user, making he user with very bad experience. Because it not only can not help user sleep, but aslo affect his/her sleep quality!


Sleep Nurse is smarter than any of similar products on the market. It can smartly indentify snoring through a special calculation and analysis methods, developed by artificial intelligence speech recognition technology. The accuracy of recognzing snoring 99%, which means Sleep Nurse is the real one that can smart stop snoring.


[Environmental noise detection] Live in a high noise environment for long term. It will seriously affect human health sleep, resulting in neurasthenia, insomnia and other problems.


Under stop snoring mode (icon Z), Sleep Nurse can automatically detect noise enviroment surrounding user. When the noise is beyong normal sleep ambient noise, Sleep Nurse will show the stripe on the display. The more stripe, means the higer noise level, reminding users current  sleeping environment. (See below). If you want to know more, visit: inlins.


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