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IPL Hair Removal Machine Acne Softlaser
Does IPL hair removal machine really remove unwanted hair removal permanently?


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a high intensity, wide spectrum, non-continuous light source, which can transmit the spectrum of the range of 430-1200nm. 

IPL (photon) acting on the skin, the hair follicle melanocytes in the selective selectivity, without harming the normal skin under the premise of the heat through the hair section to the hair follicle deep to the rapid increase in hair follicle temperature coagulation, necrosis, So as to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. Photon hair removal device has a unique window contact design, intelligent induction, user-friendly design to provide superior air-cooled system, in the use of light energy can be fully on the skin, is a technology, comfortable, safe and fashion home appliances.

This IPL hair removal device using IPL technology, not only for hair removal, but also for acne treatment and skin rejuvenation. Strong pulsed light on the skin after the resulting photochemical effects, promote the dermal layer of collagen fibers and elastic fibers within the molecular structure of the rearrangement and regeneration of the skin compact and smooth. The effect is excellent.

Photon Hair Removal Device

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