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Product Details
Formaldehyde Meter With Big LCD Display
3 in 1 Formaldehyde Detector INS-JQ-01 monitors formaldehyde, temperature and humidity. Ideal for indoor, office or car use
  • Brand :INLINS
  • ItemNO :INS-JQ-01
  • Payment :FOB
  • Product Origin :CHINA
  • Color :White
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Product Details

Formaldehyde Meter With Big LCD Display


This 3-in-1 Formaldehyde Detector INS-JQ-01 not only monitors formaldehyde readings, but also detects the temperature as well as relative humidity readings.The formaldehyde monitor is with large, simple and easy to understand LCD display.

The formaldehyde meter is ideal for indoor, office or car use. Due to the negative effects of formaldehyde,this meter is a prominent presence in most of the products around us, formaldehyde monitoring is becoming an essential part of our lives.

Why should you monitor formaldehyde levels? Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic chemica around us. In fact, as formaldehyde is naturally occurring, it’s quite common to be exposed to trace amounts of it. At larger concentrations, however, formaldehyde has been known to cause headaches, throat, eyes, and nose irritations, nose bleeds, and more severely, cancer. The Center for Disease Control, the National Cancer Institute, and Department of Health and Human Services have claimed formaldehyde to be  human carcinogen.

Formaldehyde can be found in a lot of the products we use and get in contact with on a daily basis.Using formaldehyde meter to make sure its levels stay below 0.1 ppm is essential for not only your safety, but the safety of your loved ones. Formaldehyde is always found in wood flooring,furniture and anything that uses glue or sealants.

This HCHO detector INS-JQ-01 will always monitore formaldehyde levels.If the levels is above 0.1 ppm, this meter will alarm loudly and and the display will flash red in color. Except for monitoring formaldehyde, it also monitors relative temperature and humidity levels. Formaldehyde memter will ensure the air quality around you to be safe with 24 hours monitor.


formaldehyde meter


  • LCD Display

  • Imported electrochemical Sensing technology

  • 3-in-1: Monitor formaldehyde, temperature and humidity

  • Intelligent alarm system

  • 24 hours monitor
  • Easy to operate


Product Size:138*93*65mm
Product Weight:220g
Power Supply:3.6v(Built-in three NiMH rechargeable batteries)
Measuring Range:
0 to 3.0mg/m3
-20 to +40℃ or -4 to +104°F
15% RH to 90% RH
+/-5%(F.S) or +/-10ppm
Sensor:Electrochemical Sensor
Applicatioin:Home, Office, Car

formaldehyde meter

formaldehyde meter

formaldehyde detector

formaldehyde detector


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