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IPL Hair Removal Machine Acne Softlaser
How to choose a hair removal machine?


Summer to coming , the girls should worry about the hair of the body, you will choose what kind of hair removal method ?

Here to introduce some of the commonly used methods of hair removal advantages and disadvantages for your reference !

1. Clamp removal

Suitable for less hair, not afraid of pain. If your hair is heavy, then do not recommend you use this method, because it will hurt you. Disadvantages: pain is obvious, and can only be maintained for about three days time. Before pulling must be clean all your pores, if the pores cleanliness is not enough, will make the skin resistance decreased; after pulling the end should also pay attention to avoid irritating the skin, or prone to swelling and infection.

2. Razor hair removal

Suitable for people who are afraid of pain and skin sensitivity, but to develop the habit of scraping every day. In the course of use, should keep the hair removal device and skin was 90 degrees, along the direction of hair growth. Lazy words, the next day they will find the shaved parts of the black and small ballast, quite unsightly, and the hair will be more and more thick. Disadvantages: operation more time-consuming, if the operation is not skilled, easy to scratch the pores, damage the skin, resulting in swelling. Remember to replace the blade in a timely manner, slow blade will make you less effective.

3. Hair removal cream

Suitable for fear of pain but the skin is not easy to allergies and no damage to the people. Disadvantages: operating time, especially for people with thick hair, the process is relatively long. With this method hair removal, about three days or so will grow out again. And the chemical composition of this method on the skin irritation, frequent use or sensitive skin can cause redness allergy, pain, and even rash, sensitive body should be used with caution, and the physiological period should not be used. Worry about allergy girls can first use pure herbal hair removal products, mild and comfortable, but also can repair sensitive skin.

4.  waxing hair removal


Use sticky beeswax sticking body hair and tearing together. While the other patch hair removal is also similar with the bee wax hair removal. Disadvantages: can cause pain; and chemical synthesis of beeswax easy to cause irritation to the skin; down tear, body hair is easy to stay in the pores of the part, broken half of the hair end very easy to get into the hair follicle, causing folliculitis. After the hair to pay special attention to cleaning care.

5.  IPL Hair removal machine 

Advantages : 

1) no pain ;  

2) Hair do not grow again .

cut or pull out hair; it actually uses light energy to work below the skin’s surface to disable active hairs at the root and prevent new ones from growing. This is gradual process. You should gradually notice fewer hairs in the treatment area within a few weeks, with results generally improving over time. IPL hair removal machine is painless, safe and permanently hair removal.

If you still have any question , Please feel free contact us by mail or skype (ID: summer9970 )

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