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Product Details
IPL Hair Removal System At Home
50,000 Flashes IPL Permanent Hair Removal Machine
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Product Details

 Permanent IPL Hair Removal System At Home


INLINS IPL Hair Removal System is intended to remove unwanted hair, effect long term or permanent hair  reduction. Permanent hair reduction is defined as a long-term stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment regime. It can be used safely, easily and effectively in a typical home environment.

We reveal the only hair removal laser you should care about. Find out which machine is right for your hair/ skin tone & the best brands available.


1. Safely detect skin complexion with a smart Skin Senor

2. 50,000 Flashes

3. Fast and effective hair removal treatment at home

3. Superior safety with lower energy 

4. Long-term hair removal

5. Comfort and privacy at your own home and at any time you like

How does it work?

hair removal device

Step 1.

Before IPL Treatment: Healthy hair follicles with normal hair growth

Step 2.

During IPL Pulse for hair removal: Light energy combined with the acoustic effect is selectively absorbed in the hair shaft and disables hair growth.

Step 3.

Immediately After IPL Pulse: Energy is absorbed by the hair follicles while the surrounding tissue remains at  normal temperature and hair removal is achieved.


Flash: 50000 flashes

Surfacetreatment4 cm ɔ 2;for the body

Surfacetreatment2.5cm ɔ 2;for the face

Safety trigger flash

Mains supply continuous

1flash every 3.5 seconds

Detector skin color

Degree of skin:1-5

Intensity: 4 joules/cm2

hair removal device

hair removal machine

IPL hair removal

intense plused light hair removal


1. Does INLINS IPL Hair Removal System really work?

Yes. INLINS IPL Hair Removal System is intended to effect permanent hair reduction. After the recommended cycle of treatment , you can definitely expect satisfying results.

2. Where on my body can I use INLINS IPL Hair Removal System?

INLINS IPL Hair Removal System is designed for all body areas. Ideal body areas are smaller and more delicate ones, such as underarms, bikini line, arms, face and the neck.

3. Can I use INLINS IPL Hair Removal System  to remove facial hair?

INLINS IPL Hair Removal System  can be used for the treatment of facial hair. Extra caution should be used on the face to avoid the eyes – never use INLINS IPL Hair Removal System around or near the eyes.

4. How long does a INLINS IPL Hair Removal System treatment session take?

The time can vary depending on the area of the body treated, and the method of treatment you choose. For example, the treatment of 2 full legs can take up to 22 minutes when PULSING. GLIDING is faster and might 

take about 15 minutes. INLINS IPL Hair Removal System does not require recharging, so it can be used non-stop for as long as needed to complete a full hair removal session of the desired body part(s).

5. Is INLINS IPL Hair Removal System safe?

With INLINS IPL Hair Removal System Safety Comes First. Intensed Pulsed Light technology is able to achieve permanent hair removal results at a fraction of the energy level used in professional light-based hair removal equipment. The low energy used in INLINS IPL Hair Removal System reduces its potential to cause harm or complications, and contributes to your overall safety. INLINS IPL Hair Removal System also has a built-in safety sensor which stops the device from emitting a light pulse if the treatment surface is not fully attached to the skin or if your skin tone is too dark for treatment.

6. When can I expect results with INLINS IPL Hair Removal System?

As with any light-based or laser hair removal device, results are not immediate, in fact hair may sometimes appear to be growing back after a hair removal session, but typically after two weeks many of these hairs will simply fall out. Additionally, hairs grow in three different stages and only hairs in an active growth stage will be affected by NLINS IPL Hair Removal . This is one of the main reasons that multiple sessions are required to achieve the desired result.

7. For how long should I continue treatment with INLINS IPL Hair Removal System ?

A typical full hair growth cycle may take 18-24 months. During this time multiple Glide sessions may be required in order to achieve permanent hair removal. The time extent of hair removal sessions varies from  person to person according to body area, hair color, and how INLINS IPL Hair Removal System  is used.

9. How often should I use INLINS IPL Hair Removal System ?

Typical INLINS IPL Hair Removal System plan during a full hair growth cycle:

Treatments 1-4 – plan two weeks apart

Treatments 5-7 – plan four weeks apart

Treatments 8 + – treat as needed, until desired results are achieved.

Maintenance: from time to time some upkeep may be needed if growth is still visible.

10. Can I use INLINS IPL Hair Removal System  on brown or black skin?

In general, light based hair removal is not suitable for naturally darker skin tones. Nevertheless, INLINS IPL Hair Removal System operates within much lower energy levels than other professional devices making it suitable for treating a wider spectrum of skin tones including darker ones. Today, only the darkest skin tone cannot be treated with INLINS IPL Hair Removal System INLINS IPL Hair Removal System comes with a built-in skin color sensor that is designed to measure the complexion of the applied surface and enable application only on suitable skin complexions. This unique safety feature will not let you treat where your skin is too dark or too tanned.

11. Is INLINS IPL Hair Removal System  effective on white, grey or blonde hairs?

INLINS IPL Hair Removal System works best on darker hair types, or hair that contains more melanin. Melanin is the pigment which gives hair and skin their color, and will absorb light energy. Black and dark brown hair responds the best, although brown and light brown hairs will also respond but typically require more hair removal sessions. Red, white, grey and blond may show some response, but may require more treatments.

12. Can I treat myself if I have a tanned skin or after sun exposure?

Tanned skin, particularly following sun exposure, contains large quantities of the pigment Melanin. This 

applies to all skin types and complexions, including those which don’t seem to tan quickly. The presence of large quantities of Melanin exposes the skin to higher risk of adverse effects when using INLINS IPL Hair Removal System devices or any other light based hair removal treatment. To assure a healthy, aesthetic result, avoid more than minimal exposure to the sun for 4 weeks before and for 2 weeks after any treatment. Only INLINS IPL Hair Removal System is different at this point. With INLINS IPL Hair Removal System, it is highly recommended to use only energy level 1 when treating on a tanned skin, in order to avoid such effects. Do not use INLINS IPL Hair Removal System  energy levels 2-5 on tanned skin or after sun exposure! When treating with INLINS IPL Hair Removal System at energy level 1, you are not required to wait 4 weeks before and for 2 weeks after any treatment. However, if you wish to treat the sun exposed areas with higher energy levels (2-5), you should wait before using INLINS IPL Hair Removal System


Permanent Hair Removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair underneath the skin's surface.


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