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New Design Smart Health Care Watch


Normal pill case reminder is only in your pocket, desk or other places. But it has many shortcomings! For patients who is forgetful, even if the alarm clock to remind him, but he may not remember exactly what kind of drugs.

Smart Health Care Watch is especially designed for those who often forget to take medicine. It can alert the user to take medicine on time. At the same time, it can store the user's critical data information. The watch also has a clock function with 10 alarms,just setting once a day. It will repeat automatically remind you to take medicine on time every day! Each clock supports multi-byte text input. You can enter the drug name, dose and route of administration, and so on!

Smart Health Care Watch user-friendly take medicine on time, in order to ensure the efficacy. At the same time, in case the sudden emergency,passagers or doctor can view the patient information (medical history, allergy medications, emergency contacts etc) for emergency rescue!

Main functions as follows:
1. Time Function
2. Real-tim temperature detection;
3. Up to 10 alarms and vibration;
4. Store user health information 
5. Coffe/cook time reminding.
Medication Remincer Watch

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