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Product Details
Portable Ultrasonic Iontophoresis Instrument
Mini vibration Ultrasonic Iontophoresis Instrument Facial Massager Cleansing Moisturizer Beauty Device
  • Brand :INLINS
  • ItemNO :INS-F4
  • Payment :FOB
  • Product Origin :CHINA
  • Color :White pink
  • Shipping Port :Shenzhen
  • Lead Time :25 days
  • Order(MOQ) :1000
Product Details

Mini Ultrasonic Lontophoresis Instrument Vibration Facial Massager Facial Care Beauty Device


* Remove wrinkles,tighten skin, face lift


Iontophoresis device will form a local electric field between the surface of your skin and germinal layer, making the ionized essence through barrier layer, lead-in the growth layers of your skin. It can let your cells fully absorb the effective skincare ingredient of essence, and promote the cells metabolism to play a whitening, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect.




Positive Ion start clean function when the LED light is red, It can absorb deep pore dirt and quickly make pores clean and comfortable.


 Negative ion start imput nutrition when the LED light is green, the powerful anion can introduce nutrition 

ingredients into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue effectively, so as to keep the skin cells elasticity and vigor.


Adopt high-tech micro vibration techniques, 80HZ micro vibration increase energy for cells, accelerate cell movement and metabolism. It will get better effect if match up with beauty skin care products.



1. Large contact area, better conductive effect;

2. Light and delicate, easy to carry out;

3. High quality stainless steel surface, suitable for all kinds of skin;

4. Every five seconds to remind you replace parts, use more easily;

5. No side effects, without any discomfort to your skin , you can use every day

6. Automatic shutdown when used more than 5 minutes , more secure.

7. Two gears of strong and weak, it's free to choice. Can accelerate cell movement and metabolism, let    skin restore vitality, delicate and elastic.

Iontophoresis apparatus

 Iontophoresis Instrument

 Iontophoresis device

Ultrasonic Iontophoresis Instrument


Power supply:DC 1.5V

Current: 0.35A


Product Size:151x40.5x34.5mm

Product weight:32g

Gift box size:172x62x40mm

How to use:

1.Push the power switch up to "+" position,Led light turn green, product starts to vibration , positive ion , meanwhile,import skin protector nutrition into coriun layer,repair briken fiber,help cellzbsorb nutrition essence,apply skin with continuous new cell,and then get whiten effect.

2.Push the power switch down to"-"position,LED light turn red,product starts to vibration, negetive ion, meanwhile, positive ion combine facial cleanser,clear pore dirt quickly,reslove and release metabolism residue and subside color,cleansing from inside to outside,recover pore penetrate and comfort.

3.Push the power switch to "0" position,meanwhile,power turns off ,machine stops operating.

4.When using the machine ,do not stop on the same position,circle the face and care with the suitable speed about 60 seconds.

5.Using  frequency:do not use excess,abvise use 1-2 times one day.


1.Before use ,please read safety instructions carefully.

2.If facial skin trauma,bleeding or soft tissue inflammation,do not use this product.

3.Please do not use this product to massage eye place.

4.Please do not let the product close to the fire.

5.Please take out the battery for a long time need not when .

6.Forbidden to be modified to remove the behavior.

7.Please use dry cloth to clean.

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