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Product Details
Skin treatment Acne softlaser
Handheld Health face care 6mw 635-670 nm Acne Treatment  Soft Laser for Skin Whitening Acne treatment Device  INS-D033
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  • ItemNO :INS-D033
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Product Details

Skin treatment Acne softlaser 

10mW 635-670nm soft laser therapy LLLT/skin whitening health laser/Acne laser remove/Face Skin Care



This products satisfy the highest demands placed on quality, function and design. To ensure optimal use of the Softlaser it is important that you read the instructions for use carefully before using the unit for the first time. Please store them carefully and make them available to other users.


A.Herpes (lip or fever blisters) / Inflammations of oral mucosa (mucous membranes of the mouth)

Treatment: Hold the Softlaser approximately 1 cm from the affected area. Do not hold the unit directly against the skin.

B.Inflammations of the angle of the mouth, chapped lips, chafed skin

Treatment: Hold the Softlaser approximately 1 cm from the affected area. Do not hold the unit directly against the skin.


Treatment: if the spots have appear recently and are still open then hold the Softlaser 1 cm from the affected area; if the spots are closed and dry then the Softlaser may be held directly against the skin.

D.Small scars, wrinkles

Treatment: For this purpose, the Softlaser can be used directly on the skin. Caution: When using the unit near the eyes, make sure that the laser beam does not shine on to the eye.


Treatment: Hold the Softlaser approximately 1 cm under each nostril but do not push the instrument into the nose. Disinfect the unit after use.



Technical Data

Unit class:        Low-level laser class 3 A

Laser:           GaALAs (Gallium-Aluminium-Arsenide) diode, continuous beam

Power output:     max. 6mW

Laser wavelength:  635-670nm

Power supply:     2×1.5 Valkaline batteries (“micro”: AAA/IEC Type LR 03)

Rated voltage:     3V DC

Operating mode:   Continuous operation

Class of protection:   internal supply

Explanation of symbols:  Read Instructions for Use!



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