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Product Details
Smart Pill Box with Bluetooth
Clear LED instruction for correct pill,Automatically record pill activities,Analyze pill takes, improve medication accuracy and adherence,Reliable 24hr monitor
  • Brand :INLINS
  • ItemNO :INS-PB01
  • Payment :FOB
  • Product Origin :CHINA
  • Color :White
  • Shipping Port :Shenzhen
  • Lead Time :25 days
  • Order(MOQ) :500
Product Details

 Smart Pill Box with Bluetooth


Inlins smart pill box INS-PB01 is composed of an electronic smart pill box and app, which can be installed on Smart Phone devices ( such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5S or above, and Android Phone with 4.3 or above version) with Bluetooth 4.0. The pill box can be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth.



  • Buzz alarm or vibration, with LCD light indication
  • Reliable 24hr monitor
  • Record automatically upload to App and Cloud
  • Available to pre-arranged up to 6 doses, cover 2~3 days medication need
  • Multiple remind types
  • Smartly adjust reminds to ensure never miss
  • Clear LED instruction for correct pill
  • Automatically record pill activities
  • Analyze pill takes, improve medication accuracy and adherence
  • Always remind to bring it with you, never lost
  • Share record with your family online, encourage for health

  • Easy to use, convenient to carry
Pill box


With quite simple operation, Inlins smart pill box can help you:

1. Remind you to take medicines on time.

2. Monitor if the pill status, remind multiple times if Not

3. Monitor if correct dose been taken, alarm when user takes wrong pills

4. Remind you to refill the pill box when medicines left in the box are sufficient

5. If you forget to take the pill box or mobile phone when you go out, the pill box or mobile phone will make

 an alert tone.

6. The pill box automatically takes your medicaiton record, allowing you to check using the app installed 

 on the mobile phone whenever you want.

During the medication process, you can also record your medication and physical conditions into the app at any time, which facilitate you  further treatment in the future.

pill cases

smart pillbox

pill reminder


1. material: pill box made of medical grade (FDA approval )PC, other plastics are food level ABS

2. Power: 2 pieces AAA batteries required, which supports 90 days normal use.

3. voltage: 3.0v

4. Working environment: - 20 ~75 ℃

5. App language: English, Chinese

6. Bluetooth Version: 4.0

7. Fit for iphone 4s or higher, ipad 3 or higher, and Android phone 4.3or above.

8. Weight of the product: 242g

9. Product dimension: 14.7x 12.6 x 3.0cm

10. Pill compartment: hold 8~10 regluar capsules

11. Buzz alarm or vibration, with LCD light indication

Smart pill box target user:

〉Elder people and patient with chronic disease

〉Fit for both at home and portable carry out

〉It is for parents, you can monitor their medication behavior remotely medication reminder pill box

Pill box remind medication

Medication reminder

medical alert device

Pill box take medication

take medication

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