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Product Details
Snore Stopper With Sleep Quality Monitor
Best anti snoring cpap snoring solution for man woman. It has sleep quality evaluation and silent alarm clock function.
  • Brand :INLINS
  • ItemNO :INS-SM01
  • Payment :FOB
  • Product Origin :CHINA
  • Color :White
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  • Lead Time :20 days
  • Order(MOQ) :100
Product Details

Snore Stopper With Sleep Quality Monitor

Sleep Nurse INS-SM01 is a smart snore stopper wrist watch. It can smartly indentify snoring through a special calculation and analysis methods, developed by artificial intelligence speech recognition technology. The accuracy of recognzing snoring 99%.It means Sleep Nurse is one that really help you stop snoring effectively. By the way, Sleep Nurse also has sleep aid functioin, which is good effect for you to get rid of insomnia. At  the same time, it is with sleep qualtiy monitor and silent alarm clock. After 7 hours, the sleep quality score will show on the display automatically.

Main Functions:

> Help sleep

> Stop snoring

> Sleep quality evaluation

> Silent alarm clock

how to stop snoring


Why People Suffer From Insomnia?



How Sleep Nurse Help You Sleep Well ?  

Sleep Nurse is a high-tech patented device designed and developed by NLINS. With combinations of the third generation EA technologies' dual-frequency to deepen stimulation.Based on the West Medicine point of view,the  combination with Chinese medicine experience and the high integrated innovations, the use of nature and physical method,Sleep Nurse is one of the major product invented for people with sleep problems.

It obeys the Meridian Theory of Chinese Medicine. On the wrist, there are 3 specific acupuncture points that enclose a "Golden Triangle". When Sleep Nurse is worn on it, small electrical pulse are emitted, stimulating these acupuncture points. Constantly interrupt and transfer the user’s excited state (such as stress, anxiety etc) that makes user can not sleep well. In turn, Melatonin will be released due to the improvement of blood circulation. Thus, stress is relieved and easy dozed, making user sleep better. After a period of time use, the patient will gradually back to normal new healthy life.


Snore Menders anti snoring mouthpiece is not only the most effective cure for snoring, its also quick,cheap and very easy to use.

Help sleep device


Sleep well

 Why People Snore?

 With the growth of age and weight,plus some bad habits,such as drinking and smoking, these cause the  sagging of  our soft tissue in upper respiratory tract.When people sleep at night, the excitement of nerve decreased,promoting the soft tissues more sagging,the breathe air in and out will result with the vibration of soft tissues. Snore begins. Just as shown in the figure below:

Why snore?


How Sleep Nurse Help You Stop Snoring?   

According to Meridian-collateral Theory of TCM, stimulating"Ney-guan acupoint'' can make throat muscle tension,   uvula contract. That can make respiratory tract be more spacious. Combined CES technology, weak pulse will enhance the excitability of nerve, contract respiratory muscle, making respiratory tract be more spacious. 


Sleep Nurse festures a specially designed biosensor with logiccontrol IC from   USA.When Sleep Nurse detects snoring,  gentle electrical pulse will be sent    automatically to timulate nerves on the snorer's skin. Then the brain senses   the nerve stimulation, and remind or train the snorer him/herself to change the sleeping posture, thereby reduci ng snoring. It is bio-feedback therapy.

how to stop snoring ?


Sleep Quality Evaluation

Sleep nurse can evaluate your sleep quality based on your sleep action and snoring. Sleep score will be showed on the display automatically after 7 hours.  The better sleep score the better sleep quality.


Real Time & Silent alarm Clock 

- Convenient to check the time at night, stay away from the radiation of mobile phones.

- Silent Alarm, Not disturbing others sleep, reflects the meticulous care of your family.

- LCD friendly interface display.

Product Size:  

Sleep Nurse

Technical Data: 

1. Battery: 1.5v AAA battery 

2. Massage time:2~60 minutes (Adjustable)

3. Stopsnore time: 7 hours 

4. Operation Environment: 10-+40 Celsius ,30-85%RH                                     

5. Save Environment: -20-+50 Celsius ,10-90%RH                                    

6. Transportation Environment: -10-+50 Celsius ,35-85%RH                                          

7. Pulse amplitude: fixed 180uA,peaksinto1,000load 

8. Pulserate: fixed 0.2Hz 

9. Pulsewidth: fixed800uS,voltage 2.5 to 14V, peaksinto1,000 load 

10.Wave form: asymmetrical bi-aphasic square pulse 

Anti snoring device

Stop snoring device

Anti snore

Stop snore

Sleep Nurse Wristband

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Product Details
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