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The Best Snore Stopper-Sleep Nurse INS-SM01


What is snore stopper wrist watch working thoery ?

Snore stopper is designed for the treatment of snoring. It is with a specially designed biosensor with logiccontrol IC.When Sleep Nurse detects snoring more than 65 db,  gentle electrical pulse will be sent automatically to 
stimulate nerves on the snorer's skin. Then the brain senses   the nerve stimulation, and remind or train the snorer him/herself to change the sleeping posture, thereby reducing snoring.


1, The drug
Snore is no specific medication. There is side effects of western medicine.Slow effects of traditional Chinese medicine. But both will produce drug dependence.The efficacy is not ideal.

The effect is obvious, but expensive, and there is a seurity risk.It could easily lead to spontaneous breathing recession.

3, Silicone snore guard
Silicone snore guard is a device into his mouth, cumbersome to use, you need the card in your mouth before going to sleep, and the effect is not obvious, and dependence.

4, Surgery
Surgical treatment of snoring and abroad there are two kinds of methods, one ablation, and second surgery, the effects were very good, but the huge cost of surgery, and the recurrence of strong, high recurrence rate, complications associated probability increases.

5, electronic bio-snoring device-Sleep Nurse INS-SM01
Electronic bio-snoring device, the electronic pulse of biometric technology, to promote snoring throat muscle contractions, restoring airway to stop snoring. That solves the snoring snoring numerous distress, and low cost,without any side effects, can also be used repeatedly, and the effect is very good and very popular.

Anti snoring wrist watch INS-SM01 to adapt to the crowd:

This product is suitable for: (1) 10 years or older snoring patients; (2) do not want surgery, can not surgery; (3) can not tolerate snoring breathing machine; 

Stop snoring device


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