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Product Details
Ultrasonic eye beauty wrinkle removal device
Mini Eye Wrinkle Removal Pen Anti-wrinkle Dark Circles Evenness Device
  • Brand :INLINS
  • ItemNO :INS-F3
  • Payment :FOB
  • Product Origin :CHINA
  • Color :white Pink red,purple
  • Shipping Port :Shenzhen
  • Lead Time :25 days
  • Order(MOQ) :1000
Product Details

 Mini Portable Eye Skin Care Vibration Anti-wrinkle Eye Massager Device

anti wrinkle eye massager

The skin around eyes area is relatively soft & feeble. As the age increases, the collagen and elasticity 

of skin will be reduce gradually. Once the first wrinkle appears on eyes corner, which is already is alarm 

sign for ladies. The  Eye Wrinkle-Eraser is an intelligent wrinkle removing instruments, using microelectronic technology to send out an anti-wrinkle vibrating wave to conduct a micro current through 

the surface of the wrinkle into the underlying dermal layer.


Main Features:

1. Intellectualized design, working automatically, no switch at all;

2. Iontophoresis and vibration massage function, anti-wrinkle effect of skin care essence or wrinke care

cream will be double at the help of this product;

3. Introduce nutrition of skin care cream, essence into skin basal layer, refresh skin around eyes,

improve blood circulation and lymph dredge, reduce puffinesss, eliminate eye pouch and remove wrinkles;

4. Min & smart massage head, compatible with face T-zone part fully;

5. Nice looking and ergonomic design, easy to use;

6. 158 times/s vibration massage to help your skin relieve tension

7.Considerate protection cap as accessory to avoid massage head from scratched. To prevent vibration and consume battery electricity when touched carelessly.

eye wrinkle

 eye wrinkle massager

anti wrinkle eye massager

eye wrinkle removal

eye wrinkle eraser


Item: Eye Wrinkle-Eraser

Model: INS-F3

Material: ABS, stainless steel massage head

Color: white, pink,red, purple

Size : 25x23x117mm

NW: 14g

GW: 44g

Power Supply:1xAAA battery 

Working Voltage: DC1.5V

Energy Consumption: 65mW

Quiescent Current: <10uA

Continuous Using Time: 7-8 hours

Vibration Frequency:158 times/second

 How To Use:

1.Take off protection cap, slide out battery cover and insert 1x AAA battery;

2.Apply desired eye care cream or essence on wrinkle part around eyes or mouth area;

3.Gently massage skin around wrinkle part. Make sure contacting the silver plate sensor when  use. This 

instrument will work automatically once massage and skin contact;

4.Please clean the massage head with a clean towel or tissue after use, and put on the cap

Professional using step:

Daub eye-scream: daub the wrinkle cream around the eyes, dosage a little more than usal.

Relieve eye stress: touch and press skin gently by massager head around the eyes from one side to the other side, repeat it 3 times

Lymph Dredge: massage &press lymph position gently beside eyes,promote blood circulation,. Improve metabo lism and filtration system

Acupoint massager:massager one specific position ., to relax eyes and absorb eye cream fully. Massage method: press massager head a bit on point, each point staty for 3 seconds.

Gently slide massager head in 45 angle degree towards temples position,lift eye skin 

If eye corner skin prolapsed., advise to do pull&lift action by finger. Finally ,. Using massager head press temple can relieve head pressure.


1. This item use 1x AAA battery ( not included). Please install  correctly according to polarity  mark in battey compartment.

 2. Please dont use it at eyeballs.

 3. Dont wash it in water.

 4. Please take out battery if not used for a long time.

5. Please keep out of reach of children.

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