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World Sleep Day 2016 --Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream


In the 21st century, people pay more attention to health than ever before. "Have the health will have everything." This is a new concept deeply rooted among people. Therefore, any related sleep problems were attracted by the international community. In human life, one third of the time is spent in sleeping. People will die if no sleep five days. Sleep is visible physiological needs. Sleep as a process necessary for life, is an important part of the body's recovery, consolidation and consolidation of memory, and it is an integral part of Health.

World Health Organization survey, 27% of people have sleep problems. To arouse the people's awareness of the importance of sleep, sleep and global health program sponsored by the spirit of international WHO launched a worldwide campaign in 2001 - the year of March 21, the first day of spring as "World sleep day."

According to the Chinese city market research shows that the prevalence of insomnia within one year, up to 57% of adults. Chinese Medical Association psychiatrist branch and Sanofi - Aventis cooperation " The investigation of sleep status of General Practitioners ", did a survey of 1914 doctors in 30 nationwide hospitals.The outcome showed that 69.4% doctors had sleep disorder problem in 2002. In 2003,The China Sleep Research Society CSRS officially introduced "World Sleep Day" into China.

Good sleep can improve people's mental state and happiness. The Chinese Sleep Research Society published data show that people who suffer from sleep disorders not only feelfatigue, drowsiness, distraction, memory loss and responsiveness decreased in daytime, but also cause irritability, anxiety, irritability, depression.Serious people will cause mental disorders and mental illness, affecting family and colleagues relationships. Sleep disorders is not only important causes of psychological disorders, but also an important psychological symptoms of mental illness.

Currently, people with sleep disorders have become increasingly large, but people still lack of the awareness of sleep disorders. There are many factors that affect sleep, and psychological problems are very important parts. To improve sleep, peace of mind is the key. Meanwhile, life to the law, to create a good sleep environment, sleeping position to the right,avoid all sorts of undesirable stimulation before going to bed , develop exercise habits, in this way, it is easier to fall asleep.

In addition, in order to have a good sleep, you need to pay attention to do the following:

1. Maintain regular sleep schedule, go to sleep and wake up on time daily.

2. Do not force yourself to fall asleep if lying in bed more than thirty minutes still can not sleep, get up to do moderate activity, and then go to bed until sleepy.

3. Warm water for my feet to improve blood circulation before going to bed.

4. maintain a comfortable sleeping environment: appropriate temperature, light, less noise and a comfortable mattress.

5. Avoid using the bed or bedroom as a place other activities, such as watching TV, phone, discuss things.

6. Forbidden to drink coffee, tea, coke, alcohol and smoking after dinner.

7. In order to avoid frequent urination at night and wake up to the bathroom, affecting sleep, the best is little water and drinks after dinner .

8. Regular exercise every day.Do gentle and relaxing activities before going to bed, such as hot tubs, muscle relaxation and breathing exercises before going to bed. Please avoid exercising vigorously for two hours before bedtime.

9. If you still can not sleep well, you could order assistive devices to help, Such as Sleep Nurse INS-SM01. This device is high quality with good effect for sleeping. 

There are 4 models: A. Help sleep B. Stop Snoring C. Sleep quality evaluation D. Silent alarm clocks. It is a good sleeping management device, as sleep nurse. Many users including insomnia people and snorers feedback this Sleep Nurse improve their sleep a lot. They highly recommend+++++  

Sleep nurse watch

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